Other than Jug this has two more items


Are u able to see that??

An open challenge to Rajni…


Wedding Over!


Today, one day after the D-Day, I got hold of this wedding pic. After seeing their marriage proof I thanked god that at last it got over. Now I suppose media will concentrate on them if she gets pregnant or something of that sort happen. So till then no more Clinton 🙂

its Raining!

When I woke up today morning I had to use my TOTEM to check if I am still dreaming. Morning was fully dark with my clock ticking 9:44 AM.

um… now what else… This is the reason why, sometimes, I hate blogging site. But Biz Stone came as an rescuer for people like us with 140 char micro-blogging concept & frankly speaking I’m lovin’ it.

My First Blog Post

The world is changing very dynamically! A live example of this is the new concept of POSTerous. It has made web so easy that even a lazy person like me dared to create my own weB-LOG. 

Thanks guys for making it possible 🙂